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Ouverture de l'Ambiance 3-6 ans

"Maison des Enfants"

Ambiance 3-6 ans "Maison des Enfants


Please be advised, the registration service is not located at the school. We kindly ask you not to drop by the school without an appointment.

Step 1

Register for the preferred year:

Etape 1

Step 2

Select an appointment


for a personal tour of the school, find out more about the Montessori approach and visit our premises before proceeding with your enrolment.


You will receive an email confirming your pre-registration with a link to make an appointment.


Step 3

You can fill in the registration form using Adobe Acrobat (on your computer)



or Adobe Fill & Sign (on your smartphone or tablet).Up


and return it by email with the required documents. You can scan the documents directly with your



smartphone using Acrobat Scan. If your child is already at school, you will need to submit the school report.



Garderie matin
07h30 - 08h30
Temps Scolaire
8h30 - 16h30
Garderie soir
16h30 - 18h30

Enrolment fees

The enrolment fee reserves a place for your child at the school and is only due on the first enrolment. This fee is non-refundable.

Nombre d'enfants
1er enfant
2e enfant
3e enfant
300 €
250 €
200 €

Tarifs dégressifs pour les fratries.

L'école Montessori Bilingue Bordeaux Rive Droite, l'Eclosion des fleurs, est gérée par une association Loi 1901.

Les frais d'adhésion à l'association sont de 20€ / an / famille.

Les frais de réinscription sont de 80€ / an / enfant à partir de la 2e année.

School fees

We are an independent school and we receive no state support whatsoever.


The school fees listed below are calculated on the basis of 12 monthly instalments.

We accept the following payment options:

  • annually, in one instalment

  • quarterly, in three instalments

  • monthly, in 10 or 12 instalments.

The monthly tuition fees based on 12 months for the 2024 academic year are :

TPS - Maternelles
360 €
Sur 12 mois
440 €
455 €
490 €

The sibling price reduction is applicable only for full-time pupils.

Full time : 4 days/week

Part time : 2 consecutive days/week or  4 mornings


7h30 - 7h45
7h45 - 8h
8h - 8h15
8h15 - 8h30
Prix / Prices
2 €
1.5 €
1 €
50 cts
16h30 - 16h45
16h45 - 17h
17h - 17h15
17h15 - 17h30
17h30 - 17h45
17h45 - 18h
18h - 18h15
18h15 - 18h30
Prix / Prices
50 cts
1 €
1.5 €
2 €
2.75 €
3.5 €
4.25 €
5 €
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